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writer. editor. poet. photographer. guitarist.

“human connection through creative expression”

– jonah meyer

‘buskers, downtown asheville’ (2018)

Jonah Meyer is a poet, writer, and editor based in Greensboro, North Carolina. With more than 30 years of experience and expertise in writing and editing – across genres and platforms – Jonah strives for nothing less than editorial excellence. With multitudinous publication credits to his name, Jonah has a strong background in print journalism (news writing, feature stories, personality profiles, opinion/editorial pieces, and the like); poetry published widely in numerous literary arts magazines (both in print and online); publication of a half-dozen books of poetry; several hundred book reviews; copyediting and writing of manuscripts and papers for clients; and other work as a freelance writer and editor, among additional creative endeavors.

Writing, in general – and penning poetry, more specifically – has long been Jonah’s primary passion. His raison d’être. His sweet, sweet jazz and savvy rock and roll. Jonah has been writing something – in one form or another – since he could first grasp a crayon.

Jonah earned his Bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology and Comparative Religion (double-major), with a minor in Communications (1995), and Master’s in Library and Information Systems (2006), from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He served on the staff with the Greensboro (NC) Public Library for 14 years.

Presently, Jonah focuses on his writing and editing, seeking opportunities to heighten and flourish his editorial excellence. He strongly believes everybody has a story to tell. Everybody.

When not creating new written works, Jonah enjoys jamming out on guitar, banjo and piano-forte’, shooting street photography, studying cognitive neuroscience and Buddhist philosophy, and acting in theatre. He once wrote a sixty-one-page paper explaining why sixty-one is, in fact, the finest number.

Jonah’s creative work has been published in:

Coraddi, The Carolinian, Ampersand Literary Journal, O.Henry Magazine, FORTH Magazine, JAB Fiction and Poetry, American Crises, Carolina Peacemaker, Found Spaces, Staccato Fiction, Bluntly Magazine Chicago, SHOTS, The Mountaineer, Balderdash Literary Review, Bohemian Renaissance, Buddhist Poetry Journal, The Mindfulness Bell, Cold Lake Anthology, Sledgehammer Literary Journal, The Writing Disorder, Heavy Feather Review, Introvert, New Pages, Greensboro Voice, Raise the Voices, ArtQuest, SIXFold, adopt-a-beard, Harvest of Dreams, Mud Season Review, The Maine Review, Spark Creative Anthology, Oddball Magazine, Got a Poem For Me?, Thespis Books NYC, The US Review of Books, Under the Gum Tree, Thrush Poetry Journal, Random Sample Review, Kitchen Table, Triad Style, WTAP, Busker Mountain, High Point Enterprise, Greensboro News & Record, Reidsville Review, Eden Daily News, Alamance News, Haywood County Enterprise-Mountaineer, Guilford County Women’s Journal, Librarian’s Guide to Guilford County, Morning in the Carolinas, Booklovers Blog, and Walt Whitman’s Beard 

Jonah Meyer is the Founding Editor of Balderdash Literary Review, Busker Mountain, and Walt Whitman’s Beard.

A Staff Writer with The US Review of Books, he also serves as Poetry Editor for Mud Season Review and Assistant Poetry Editor with Random Sample Review.

Additionally, Jonah is the Copy Editor/Proofreader for Under the Gum Tree, and serves on the Poetry Editorial Team with The Maine Review.

Finally, he writes an occasional column/book review for both the Carolina Peacemaker and Heavy Feather.

Jonah Meyer – Professional Writing & Editing

‘poetry is an act of peace’

~ pablo neruda


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